Painting Budapest 01

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Painting Budapest 01

I have recently returned (last week of October 2014) from a painting trip to Budapest, and I am truly overwhelmed! We had spent before some wonderful days in Bergamo, in Lombardy, in the North of Italy, and flew from there to Budapest. It was the 25th of October, a sunny day in Bergamo and our plane to Budapest left around Midday. I can't tell you how excited I was! I had heard such great things about Budapest, and seen even greater art! I was a bit scared by the idea of "cold", being no more used to dealing with it in our Andalusia...

The people we had rented the flat from, picked us up at the airport, and first impressions were that there was a good vibe emanating from Hungarian folk. The guy was nice, open, spoke good English, and made us feel very comfortable from the beginning. And the flat, not far from the very centre of Budapest, was a little beauty, totally renovated at the top of a typical old Hungarian building. We loved it and felt at home at once, one could not think of a better start for our Budapest stay.

On the Sunday we started exploring the town, and walked to the centre. It was cold and grey (I was hoping for some snow, but none came down ), so all this Budapest beauty did not stand in the best light. But as soon as I left our flat I was overwhelmed by the beauty of some of the houses standing in our street. Here is one of them...

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